Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Solet and its 40% discount

Solet Tapis is going on a 40-70% sale on its carpets (good timing, right before winter), but it is the lovely line that takes the mantle - "jahlet el arb3in". Well, that will be tough to explain. 40 is "arb3in" in Arabic. And "jahlet el arb3in" is a phase attributed to a man's life whereby he acts like a teenager at that age. Blend this with the discount and you get the cake (made out of a rolled carpet), the line and the festive ambiance. I was told to explain the expression as "midlife crisis" but not sure it works as usually midlife crisis hits at 50. Still if this is a good analogy, take it in your stride. But as I said, tough to explain but it I like it.