Thursday, November 30, 2017

Oliviero Toscani goes back to Benetton

I will start this article with a disclosure: I worked 6 years for Benetton as a correspondent in Lebanon for their Colors magazine, it was a fun wild time and I missed meeting Oliviero Toscani - the creative director of the company - by 5 minutes when I went to Treviso to the headquarters of the magazine.
So it is with exceptional delight that I read that Toscani is coming back to Benetton after he left his tenure long back. All the "iconic" images we know of the brand were done by Toscani (the newborn, the multiracial family, the priest and nun, etc....).
In his first outing of the brand, Toscani shot an Italian primary school,  “There were 28 schoolchildren from 13 different countries, and four different continents,” says Toscani. “They studied together, they were educated together and they will shape future society.”
Let's hope his return will bring ads as exciting as the first time around!