Thursday, November 9, 2017

Khoury Home and an unwanted sexual innuendo

Khoury Home is having another one of its Red Weeks. This time the discount is 50%. The issue is that the line they used is - ahem - a bit risky. "Nazzalna el chatawi" (we got the winter stuff down - presumably "down" from the attic where people used to store their winter gear in the past (some still do nowadays)). My issue? "nazzalna el chatawi" is lingo for "we got the coat on", with coat (kabout) an euphemism for condom. So the sentence is used among people as a slang for "we have a condom on" ergo there will be intimacy with someone else. I know Khoury Home did not mean that, but maybe they should listen more to how people speak before putting such an innuendo on the streets.