Thursday, October 5, 2017

USEK Students shine in Puma ads.

My students were given a tough assignment - to come up with two ads for Puma based on selling lines they created themselves in a previous session. So in less than 100 minutes, they had to come up with visual interpretations of their work.
Mary Lyn Edde came up with "Feel the vibe" and went with the brave proposition of selling a mood for Puma and not a product.
For Marie Helena Nasr, it was the Arabic line "El wa3d addo jer2a" (a promise needs guts) and she took the superhero interpretation - for one needs courage to stand by one's word and deliver.
Interestingly, all this came in the copywriting course, not even the art direction. The purpose of the exercise is to make students understand how words influence the moods and texture and colors of their ads. Truly, when I see such work, I feel proud that it is coming from such promising talents. The ladies did a super job, don't you think?