Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Target Corned Beef: from shelter food to culinary delicatesse

Target corned beef, which along with spread cheese Picon and luncheon meat Ma Ling was the food of choice for shelters (in a can, easily made into a sandwich, needs no or minimal cooking) is plastering itself all over the highways with the line "a can full of ideas" (reminds me of the old Niers "Niers 3al sofra, miyet fekra" - "Niers on the table, a hundred ideas"). Mind you for my generation Target is the taste of damp shelters, candle-lit sandwich wrapping over the ubiquitous sound of "Maktab al tahrir fi khabar jadid".
Just to be honest - I love this ad. Yellow, striking, almost hard sell (10% free and halal if it matters to you), a familiar brand, and personal emotional connection.