Monday, October 30, 2017

Lada, now that's (legal) honesty!

"Hello to fall" so goes the new Lada campaign - but what really took me aback about this campaign is the small notice at the bottom - no not the "bank's conditions apply" - but rather the one above it, "the image is for artistic use". Wow! Now that's honesty! Or perhaps that the lawyers speaking out. No matter, I love that we are now at a level where such explanations are applied to ads. Mind you, for a very long time the most famous doctor in Lebanon (one who appeared in ads) was actually a butcher from Jounieh - just add a white coat to a photogenic face and presto! Who needs seven years of studies when you have a face that looks good on cam?
Obviously I missed the obvious - "hala bil kharif" is a play on words for "hala bil khamis" a popular Khaliji song which has been everywhere (except on my own radar! Shame on me!). So there - but I still think the highlight of the ad is the disclaimer, never seen before! I am also told there is a wave of sexual videos with the song as a background so if this is an innuendo as to 'you will ave sex when you buy the car or not" is not something I can confirm though.