Friday, October 13, 2017

Beirut by Walid Zbib #flashback

(C) Walid Zbib
Originally published: 19/8/10
These two postcards (still available to this day in the Way In bookstore in Hamra) remind me of my AUB days - as these posters were all over the place back then.... Both are the works of Walid Zbib - who from internet info was 22 at the time (since one of them dates back to 1987, "Beirut have a nice day") the second goes back to 1990 and is called Beirut v/s Beirut because it was set at the Museum crossing which was the demarcation line between East and West Beirut.... The Dochca in the Hamra one refers to the now defunkt Modca cafe (replaced by Jack Jones)... How can one love a city in ruins as much as we have loved Beirut, I wonder - the words of poet Nizar Kabbani go back to me (speaking of Beirut): We have given you a knife instead of a rose...