Saturday, September 9, 2017

On La Piara pork shoulder being gluten free

La Piara has "ongoing summer offer" - but that is not why the ad interested me. The bottom of the ad specifically points that their pork shoulder is gluten free. Let me tell you this parallel story, when I was student back at AUB, I was walking with a friend who was studying nutrition and we encountered a sign for a potato-selling shop on Bliss Street claiming that their product is "cholesterol free". I saw her shocked reaction and since nutrition was not my forte she said "Tarek, min wayn baddo yeje el cholesterol?" (Tarek, where is the cholesterol going to come from?). So basically I had to Google the question "are pork shoulders gluten free?" when I came back home. So yes, pork shoulder is gluten free.
So, like the SNL joke went about gentrification, "You acting like someone put gluten in your muffin or something" - what is riling me is that, technically, this is not a false advertising. The La Piara pork shoulder is gluten free. But "min wayn baddo yeje el gluten?" is a different question altogether.