Saturday, September 2, 2017

My blog right up there among the Epica Jurors!

You know how we keep hearing of small companies or newcomers in advertising dethroning big wigs and more established ones. Well, same applies to journalism - "print" as we know it is a dying breed and many publications are ceasing their print in favor of a stronger online presence. Actually, last year when I was a juror at the Epica, Demetrios Fakinos - an incredible person if there was one - told me that after 13 years of printing his magazine +Design he decided to stop it and focus on the Facebook page and a skeletal website.
Which is why today, it is truly a pride for me to have my blog among the many publications that pitch in on the Epica Jury - the only festival which is based on journalists working in the communication field (which means we do not gain anything by playing the scratch-my-back-and-I-will-scratch-yours which goes on in other festivals!) - alongside very heavyweights from all over the world.
I am taking this opportunity to entice the ad agencies in the region to submit their creative work - last year despite the meager entries from the region, the ads managed to score very high with one climbing all the way to the general top notch (which surpasses the categories) but was beaten by an ad which was born-classic.
So there agencies, do apply to Epica! I am - in the word of a member of the Epica team (hello Nicolas!) "finally a juror with very clear likes and dislikes"....