Wednesday, August 23, 2017

On the use of brand names in lines.

So now you can alter your mood - legally..... And it's sugar free (ergo guilt free as the line says). So with this please welcome - Halter your mood. Ahem, the brand was actually included in the line. Smart and - easy flowing.
To include your brand in a slogan or in a selling like and still make it sound natural is no easy task still here is a rundown of brands who did it:
 Fairy did it with "faw-firy" (which in Arabic is written the same way as Fairy but means economical)
 Illy Cafe - live happilly!
A ZWANderful experience anyone?
Pity I could not find Kiri Cheese ad which went "ta3m ya3khoz kol tafKIRI" (takkiri means "my thinking" and the line means "the taste that takes all my thinking" - many mentions of it on the net but no original ad). So desperate times call for desperate measures, eventually I recreated the ad using typo that the brand uses in its own advertising material: