Tuesday, June 6, 2017

So Danish Iceberg is now Danway Iceberg and I did not even notice!

Now this is embarrassing! It is only today that I paid attention that Danish Iceberg rebranded into Danway Iceberg even if it seems I have photos of the brand since 2011 with the changed name. The selling line apparently is the same "the taste of love the taste you love" (but I did see an image with just "the taste of love" under the logo).
Of course for such a thing to slip by me - especially that the logo got tweaked in the process - is a little odd. Perhaps the confusion is a little understandable, the old logo as is seen on the image above is so close to the one one they launched Danish Iceberg with it one can barely see that "ish" is now "way", whereas the logo in the middle which is obviously revamped cannot but attract more attention to the change.
Danish Iceberg when it was launched drilled the jingle in our minds with those vocals provided by Carol Sakr (to what I think is a Hady Charara jingle) so much one repeated the name without thinking.
Now here is a million Dollar question: How come they dropped the Danish from their name? Of course they are not Danish, as they belong to Liban Jus. Could this be related to the enormous backlash Danish products suffered in the aftermath of the "prophet caricature" which was started by the Jyllands-Posten in 2005?
Here's a small tidbit, apparently in Kuwait the product is marketed simply as "Iceberg" with no Danish nor Danway in sight as the logo at the bottom of the image clearly shows (the "iceberg" logo is reminiscent of the logo on top with the yellow stripes continued where the word "danway" was).