Saturday, June 10, 2017

Byblos Bank plays the delivery arguileh card and actually wins.

Byblos Bank has a new ad for their expat housing loan - some people whose judgement I trust have called it cliche and done before and with a dubious narration. How come I am still laughing then? I thought the video was exceptionally funny. Maybe in the same tone of the visuals, the narration should have been more "the butt of my own joke" but all the instances played in the movie just put a smile on my face.
Knowing too many people outside of Lebanon it is not uncommon to see their Instagram filled with Jararank, Arak, homemade mankoushe (in Berlin no less!), Sunday machewe and the list continues.
I truly think the ad works, if the target audience are truly the expats. OK so Bank of Beirut went into that territory before in their Australia branch ad, if one is to give credit where credit is due.
But this does not diminish the Byblos Bank ad fun factor.
Cue the songs of late Mona Meraachli or Wadih el Safi.
And that reference to "and where else can you get delivery for absolutely anything?" - baby that was a reference to delivering arguileh (or hubbly bubbly) on scooters!