Friday, May 12, 2017

Terroirs du Liban - what happened to single-minded advertising?

To be single minded in advertising is to issue an ad with a single message driven home. Someone forgot to send the memo to Terroirs du Liban. I am being honest - it was once I enlarged the photos to the max that I was able to see the name of the brand on the photos I took. On the billboards the logo was drowned by a wonderful tagline: "bit-mouneh min el alb" - with bitmoun is a local expression that means "all you have to is ask!" and "mouneh" is the traditional homemade items according to rustic ways that people store from season to season. There is also the mention of these being artisanal products, that they are now present in supermarkets, and the gigantic image of a mother and two kids. Which basically drowns the logo and makes it invisible. Sadly. This is one of those ads where the sum is much less than the parts.