Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sohat water - #untouchedlebanon is #photoshopped

Sohat Water has a new campaign. The tagline reads "Lebnen 3a tabi3to" (or "the natural (face of) Lebanon") the tag #untouchedlebanon is a tad perplexing considering how much photoshop went into the ads - one for the name/logo in Arabic the other in the concentric circle which was always a visual indicator of on the bottles. I am not longer sure who Sohat is talking to - and it also confuses me that they are bought by Nestle, hence Pure Life by Nestle is a product which might - or might not - come from the same Falougha source as Sohat - of course, if it does the presence of two brands who tiptoe on each other's feet is a little odd. The "natural" element in a line in reference to "nature" and "freshness/heath" is done and over done. So something looks odd in the ads - to me at least.