Sunday, May 7, 2017

L'Orient Le Jour - new campaign "on the move"

"Onboard, with Lebanon on board". "Liberties, as only compass", "Free and counter current", "In troubled waters, against the tempest" - so goes the "moving" (sorry for the pun!) copy of the new l'Orient Le Jour the only French daily from Lebanon. The origami motif prevails throughout, but - I can't believe am saying this - whomever did this nice campaign (both visually and copy-wise) made the classic mistake a designer does (including 2nd and 3rd yearers!) which is to work on a varying grid. I kid you not - just scroll the ads one after the other you will see the place of the logo varies from one to the next! Exasperating when done at such a professional level (oh and the website seems to vanish in three of the four ads!).