Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lacoste, life is a beautiful sport indeed!

Gone are the days of simple advertising for Lacoste perfumes - here am referring to that lowdown ad of a man going out of the shower (face unseen), who eventually towels himself, wears a pique Lacoste several sizes too small and sprays the perfume on him. Gone are also the days when a minimalist polo-inspired ad did the job. No, Lacoste has evolved into a much more complex, rich, and nuanced territory.
The Lacoste ad happens on a train (Note that Chanel did the train ting for Chanel for No5 and so did Yves Saint Laurent for Opium in the 80s) - but it is a story that happens through the ages and leaps forward and back like a Won Kar Wai film. But Lacoste is a brand is a lot of heritage, so the clothing and the setting only makes sense in the context. The female model looks too close to Lyv Tyler - being both ingenue and incredibly louche - and well, let's say she makes the man interested in her run through hoops before their inevitable meeting.
But this is not a BETC product for nothing! And director Seb Edwards turns the magic several notches. A beautiful outing all in all.