Monday, May 8, 2017

Is Kataeb throwing shade at Tayyar?

The political alliances in Lebanon are like shifting sands, and the newly minted Tayyar-Lebanese Forces must have put Kataeb on the wall (making them miss the boat of the Maronito-Maronite deal between the other two factions). So it is with great interest that I saw this banner about the 1960 electoral law which references the popular saying "sittin sene w sab3in yawm" (60 years and 70 days on so and so!) - so the banner goes "60 years on the 60". Good, brilliant even. The shade? The hashtag used - #in_the_name_of_the_change - since Tayyar went with "fixing and changing" as their electoral motto (al isla7 wal taghyir) it was obviously a poke at them.... Hmmmm, if advertising could change politics in Lebanon it would have been illegal. Nice try though!