Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Valenstein & Fatt: Fifty shades of Grey, fifty shades darker.

"We are Valenstein & Fatt.
You may know us as Grey London.
It’s a small name change, but a big deal.
We were founded in 1917.
Born into a world of division and discrimination.
Our founders unable to put their own names above their office door.
Fast forward to 2017.
Everything has changed, and yet nothing has changed.
Too much in this world is still ugly.
We know that the more diverse we are, the more powerful our ideas will be.
So we will continue to celebrate difference.
To break down barriers to progress and opportunity.
We believe that everyone has the right to put their name above their door.
Whoever you are, wherever you come from.
We are Open."
If you do not know the story, please watch the TVC here. This is a beautiful initiative from Grey London who rebaptized themselves for 100 days under the name of their original founders - Valenstein & Fatt - who were Jewish and were not able to put their own names on their own companies. Has the world changed or are we stuck in reverse mode?
No matter, Grey just showed its commitment to diversity and inclusion and tied its own brand name to it. Kudos to that.