Friday, April 21, 2017

Is Al Rayyes Beer an Almaza fighter brand?

Now that is interesting, Al Rayyes beer has a new offer - "the 6th is on the boss" (or Al Rayyes). But what is interesting is that they signed as an "Almaza distillery product" which makes me wonder: Is Al Rayyes Beer a fighter brand for Almaza? That Almaza owns the market's biggest share is a given, but Beirut Beer is stating to raise its head (mostly sadly in nothing but Almaza wanna-be ads or in fiasco-ish adventures of their own), so to diminish any chances of it expanding, Almaza might be throwing a "fighter brand" into the market.
For those of you who do not know fighter brands are brands thrown in the market to cut corners on the competition and eating from their market share. They do not threaten the hegemony of the main-selling product but what they do is give the consumer a choice different than what the competition is giving him. So in essence the consumer will buy the fighter brand instead of the competition, will therefore enrich the coffers of the original company but will also not threaten its flagship product's sales.
Smaller brands and upcoming ones struggle to gain footing in the market as it is, with Almaza distillery offering more choices, the terrain will get even more rugged. Doing lame ads will not help Beirut Beer either....