Friday, March 24, 2017

Traces of nazism in Lebanon #flashback

Originally published: 20/7/10
... You get a full swastika!... The rate of demolition of buildings in Achrafieh is staggeringly high, I am not here to discuss urban planning or whatever, but when you peel off a building (next to Sagesse School) the deep old secrets of the past come creeping out. In this case, someone painted a full swastika (with laurels and all) on the innermost and invisible wall of his balcony (or perhaps room as walls of all buildings have been known to sometimes be the same). But now the secret is out - not that the person who perpetrated the deed cares - he must have gotten some fat compensation from a developer and moved to a bigger apartment in Mansourieh or wherever.... Now I wonder which building in Mansourieh is currently being painted with a remnant of a regime long gone-by!
I got this reply for an answer from "Siso":
It was me who painted this Swastika, I was 15 years old (in 1983), I am still an Ashrafieh resident and I have no plans to revive my artistic talent to glorify the Reich. So rest assured....
Originally published: 5/2/13
La historia me absolverá - history will absolve me said Fidel Castro. The guy above, one Adolf Hitler in case you never heard of him, wrote a book entitled "Mein Kampf" while he was in prison (like Fidel). The rest of the story is too tragic though. But, after the original "Swastika" which was revealed upon destroying a building in Achrafieh, please welcome the second mural dedicated to glorifying the 3rd Reich. A bit discomforting if I may say so!
Originally published: 1/11/13
In the book A Century of journalism in Lebanon 1858-1958 I found this ad for "Nasr Blades"
The ad headlines "Heil Hitler" (yes, nothing short of the Nazi salute). And goes on to announce "Here it is! The second shipment has of the Nasr German golden blades has arrived. Nasr blade is the only German blade which was used by Herr Hitler and all the leaders of the German army. Made of pure German steel hurry up and use it to get a clean and comfortable shave. Nasr blades sold in all major shops."
Before you drop your jaw on this, just consider that Phalangists or Kataeb were inspired by the Nazi youth when Pierre Gemayel saw them in the 1936 Olympics in Germany (last year they decided to keep the official Nazi salute as part of their rituals). Further, during the second world war, and since the Lebanese have a history of 1) standing with whomever is winning 2) considering that an enemy's enemy is a friend, it is a small wonder that in Tripoli there was chant that said "Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler! Bla Monsieur Bla Mister" - Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler! No Monsieur, no Mister - since Monsieur and Mister are the words used in French and English, therefore not supporting the allied and the colonialism at the time passed by endorsing Nazism.