Saturday, March 11, 2017

The death faire-part of Rayan Laali is a testimony of the patriarchal society she lived in

Source Facebook/Kafa
Rayan Laali seems to have been a victim of martial abuse homicide (in what is the first recorder such case 2017). What attracted my attention were the disputed reports that the late Rayan had three children, not two as the faire-part above indicated. In a traditional faire-part of a dead, the dead relatives are not mentioned since the people already dead cannot invite anyone to a funeral.
So does this mean the late Rayan's thrid and unmentioned offspring was dead?
Far from it, it means that the offspring in question was a girl.
And girls are not to be mentioned in the faire-part (at least in the above faire-part which is full of men's names - father, male chilren, male uncles, brothers, brothers-in-law) but no females were ever mentioned.
There you go, even as a victim of marital male abuse, her death faire-part would not even speak of the women in her family.
Now, if this is not a indicator of a patriarchal society, I wonder what is!