Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sarah's Bag - walkman clutch for the neo-nostalgic ones

Sarah's Bag does it again - just when you think there's no more nostalgia to explore on she goes and brings in a smash hit (heck, she's the one behind the now iconic Bonjus triangular bag!). The culprit above comes in the shape of a "sunny" Walkman (available in red, white and blue) - perhaps the funky millennials who would buy this never knew the original - but judging by how many have cassette tapes as cell phone covers you'd think that everyone is using a ghetto blaster at home! If you think $800 is a lot to pay for this item, then you clearly are missing - not just the design element - but also the social function that lies behind the brand. Sarah's Bag is always on the funky side of things!