Monday, March 20, 2017

NGNO's ad is cute but Earth Hour doesn't make sense in Lebanon!

I am an agriculture engineer and an environmental economist so I was preaching about the environment long before it all went mainstream. Earth Hour is when all lights are shut down (this will happen April 25th 8:30 P.M. Lebanon time). On the face of it, it's all lovely... Problem is? This week alone I have had about 10 earth hours. I had to turn off all lights to be able to put on the washing machine for a much needed laundry session, on a different occasion the power went off and for some reason the generator took two hours to switch on, and the list goes on. Had we been in a "normal" country, Earth Hour is a must to remind people of how they are using and overusing electricity, but with all the power cuts (there you go, as I write this and the electricity just broke down promptly so I had to restart everything) I feel one more hour without electricity doesn't prove much sadly.
I actually find the NGNO ad cute by the way, though it was done previously for Nissan in 2010 (even if I understand this is a different context above).