Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lebanese Watches and a baffling Mother's Day ad

It is rare for an ad not to get anything right. And actually, when such a thing happens, it often ends up a classic because it is too wrong it becomes right. Unfortunately for Lebanese Watches, the ad above takes itself too seriously to become kitsch enough to be good. I think - and here I speak of years in the industry - that the design is skewed. By that I mean it was elongated to fit a certain size while working on a different original measurements (there is a slightly better ad on their website which seems to be the "original"). Besides, didn't anyone notice the mistake in the headline? Mother's? Either it's plural (mothers) or possessive (mother's love is everything). As is, it is a mistake. I am truly not sure why the ad was done the way it is, but sadly I am not impressed.