Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's day and social media name effect #flashback

Miss Mommy - Egyptian film starring Sabah
I was reminded of this article because today is International Women's Day....
Originally published 15/7/2014:
Now that is interesting, I remember almost a decade ago when Marianne Khlat was still collaborating with a Marc Kodeih at the height of his creative powers, she had a monologue which spoke as to the different titles a woman has during her life, except that the man never changes his - he's always "monsieur".
I came to think of this a while ago, when I realized that many of the female friends I know still keep their maiden name over their internet handles, they just add their married name but their facebook, twitter, and email are all registered under their original name. When many countries - Lebanon included - still struggle under the weight of a system which forces women to take up their male partner's family name upon wedding, it's a refreshing change to have women - whether by conscious act of defiance or simple practical reasons - keep their own names perpetuating thus the way have been called before getting married.
Simply put when your facebook page, twitter presence and email are already marked under your maiden name, isn't it a pain to do a new page with a new name and notify all your contacts about it? Or is it just less of a hassle to keep things as is - and here we leave the feminist theory aside and just get practical about matters.
Whereas you might see this as a cosmetic detail, for a person to be called the same way throughout their life is priceless to many women - so, feminists or not - online media seems to be on your side. And this, from a "monsieur"!