Sunday, March 12, 2017

Intermarche - l'amour l'amour a jewel of an ad!

Intermarche strikes gold! In a long, sweet and totally enjoyably watchable mini movie, Intermarche goes for glory in a film that comes with its own # or #lamourlamour. The cast, straight from the 80s in terms of looks, clothes and mood are excellent in their roles - specifically the cute check-out girl and the clueless, naive boy (Benedict Cumberbatch lookalike boy in terms of appearance) who is always out of his wits (but then again once you've been in love, who can blame him?). In the process he learns to cook in the most endearing way. Actually, the plot is so straightforward and doesn't detract (except for the small twist in the end which only adds to the charm of the ad). Well, if a supermarket doesn't add to your life, what good is it? Intermarche really nails it and provides an antidote for the bleak mood we live in!