Thursday, February 16, 2017

La Piara breeds Lebanese stereotypes for the future

I once read a potato ad that said "cholesterol free" whereas nutrition courses were never my forte at university, even I know this was an odd claim. So now La Piara ends its ad with "Gluten Free". I just researched the internet, pork meat the basis of "jambon" is gluten free to begin with! Their line "kellon bi 7ebbou" (or everybody loves "it") is the strongest sexual innuendo I have ever seen (save for the misogynistic Yeh! valentine ads which are too corny to speak of again!).
And the ad? The ad is everything stereotypical about Lebanese grown-men-to-be. It reads like a bad Unica ad. It is the story of a school trip - bah you know the rest. See it here if you must. A good production value went astray in the stereotypes I think fellow blogger Patrick Chemali put it best when he said on Facebook: "That little boy in the La Piara ads bado kaffeyn 3a ni3o for being the flag-bearer for all adult Lebanese douche males".