Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chadi Younes goes for a Matchbox for Blom Bank

I already told you that Blom Bank is releasing several films by Lebanese directors (the first was by Philipe Aractingi) based on the idea of Peace of Mind (their slogan) coming from Impact BBDO. Chadi Younes just blew the house down with his "Matchbox" or what he translated into Arabic as "3elbet Kabrit". The movie is about a special relationship between a grandmother and a grandson on the backdrop of the Lebanese war and (forced) immigration.
Samara Nohra, totally unrecognizable (and frankly the one on whom the film completely rests) delivers a majestic performance. It now blows my mind that in the heyday of her career Nohra was offered secondary parts rather than leading roles (her recent performance in "Comeback of a has-been" by Krisitian Abouanni was also staggering which only adds insult to injury). The movie is very bittersweet but quite enjoyable. Two more films will be released from the BLOM series.