Sunday, February 5, 2017

Archewallogy 6 (5/40) or how Beirut talks through its walls.

Archewallogy (or the fusion of archaeology and wall) is an oblique way of seeing the city. Images (usually 4) are juxtaposed next to one another around a central theme to illustrate it in as many angles as possible. Religion, lust, sex, violence, politics, fanaticism, music, nights out, liberalism, social issues, graffiti, tagging, ruins, edifices, and the list continues... All conjoin each other in a city that I once described as snake that needs to shed its skin to survive.
If you wish to consult earlier Archewallogy books about Lebanon here there are: Archewallogy(RE)Archewallogy(TRI)ArchewalogyArchewallogy 4 or againstArchewallogy V (for vandetta). In addition, you might enjoy Archewallogy San FranciscoArchewalogy Amsterdam and Archwallojistanbul.
Other publications can be found on this link.
I will be releasing the 6th and 7th volume bit by bit for you! Hope you will enjoy them as much as I did documenting them.