Sunday, January 15, 2017

Vetements x Reebok - as if the 80s never happened

These shoes just dropped - on Ssense they are already on sale and on Matches Fashion coming soon. That Vetements is the hottest thing since the DHL t-shirt (no wait, it was them!) is basically a common knowledge for anyone remotely close to fashion. They base a lot of their work on collaborations and - I am not even debating if their clothes are wearable or not, or if some of their items were seen (in one form or another) in the iconic Margiela shows and collections - they seem to have the market by the pulse. Interestingly, their latest collab with Reebok screams 80s. Any cool kid from that decade will identify with the sneakers being written on! The price on these kicks is staggering mind you, but this in no way will stop the fashion crowds from getting their hands on them and selling them out.