Thursday, January 26, 2017

Solomon Tsitsuashvili - copywriting from the gut

All works by Solomon Tsitsuashvili
I work in advertising since 2001 after a career in engineering and environment, and not only this - I also teach (among other things) copywriting. So let me tell you this, copywrtiers are hard to come by. People are readibly capable of appreciating images and composition but someone with a taste for words is hard to come by. Which is why Solomon Tsitsuashvili is an exception that proves the rule! As to how he produces such a constant high level of work, Solomon in a private talk with myself said "First of all, I try to stay true to myself. When I started this challenge I had a mission to create 365 print ads and I am trying not to fail myself. Besides that people really like and appreciate my work, so I don't want to let them down." So it seems validation plays a part in this, he - by his own admission - "still has to work with a real client as this is just a hobby". Solomon works in the marketing department of a company in Tiblisi, Georgia. You can see more of his brilliant work here!