Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rizk Group: ArabAd persons of the year?

The new campaign "we are Rizk" shows presumably employees of the Rizk Group celebrating their boss Andre Rizk as Man of the Year in ArabAd January issue. They all try to fit his face exactly where their own body completes the photo. I guess it is a nice exercise of loyalty from agency members. Full disclosure: Andre Rizk gave me my first break in advertising in 2001 but it only lasted for 6 weeks after which we parted ways. At the time our email accounts were marked - not by our own name - but rather our jobs: "copywriter1" "account1" etc. So for the employees to celebrate Mr. Rizk is in itself a testimony that the ambiance changed since then. Congratulations to Rizk Group and to Andre Rizk personally.