Tuesday, January 17, 2017

On the Zaatar w Zeit delivery app (no, this is not a review)

First let me say this - no I did not download the app, no I did not order from it, no I did not accept the generous 200 USD free coupon that came for the bloggers (should they order from it), no I did not put the discount code for my readers should they install the app.
OK, if you are still here, this is not a review of the app. But I do feel that the targeted ads online are quite appetizing and the website is exceptionally professionally well done, anyone who ever set foot at a Zaatar w Zeit would know that this is the exact color palette that is at the actual brick and mortar stores, and - this is an oddity in the world of restaurants - the food on the site looks almost identical to the one you get on a plate at any of their locations.
One of the problems of branding - trust me, as a consultant I know what I speak of - is that in many instances, the whole idea gets lost in the translation. Sure, it took forever for all branches to be on the same frequency since ZWZ changed its logo and "manned up" for its audience but as the saying goes "better late than never".
I truly feel the website is a real adaptation for everything that ZWZ stands for and the exact audience it tries to speak to - the one that buys from flea markets because it's cool but also instagram photos from their Paris weekend.