Monday, January 2, 2017

Lebanese die in every international tragedy

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly
Look for it, it is statistically backed - in every international tragedy one (or more) Lebanese end(s) up dying. First I wish to offer my sincere condolences to the families and friends of those who perished in the attack at the Reina nightclub specifically the Lebanese among them - there are three Lebanese dead (they have been named as: Elias Wardini, Haykal Mousallem and Rita Shami) and four injured.
But I am sadly serious, no matter where the tragedy happens, it seems at least one Lebanese perishes. A Lebanese bride on her way to her honeymoon died when the new section of the Charles de Gaulle collapsed. A plane fell in Africa and on board was a Lebanese businessman. The list sadly continues so much that in every tragedy that happens I immediately start looking for the casualties from my country. When a plane fell somewhere in Latin America, and I could not find any, it turns out that an elderly couple from the Khoury family - nationalized Americans of Lebanese origin obviously - had died but were classified as Americans.
Sadly, that latest idiocy in Turkey marks another such event where Lebanese end up being part of a tragedy. Once more condolences to their families and friends, in addition to wishing a swift recovery for the injured, and may this trend stop.
The expression above in hand-written typography says "in every wedding, he has a pinch" - which means "in every event, he ends up with a problem of his own" - and it seems we get it every time as Lebanese. The irony is that this is not a "wedding" - quite the contrary. But the expression still holds.