Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dewar's White Label saga 1995 #flashback

Originally published 30/11/14
The 1995 choice for the Valetine's ad for Dewar's White Label by Leo Burnett Beirut was the unlikely song "Where do you go to my lovely?" by Peter Sarstedt (written for Patti D'abarnville - just like Cat Stevens wrote his own My Lady D'abarnville), the animation was lovely, the love sickness obvious, even if the song was not a first choice (but then after years of chosing obvious ones perhaps it was time to pick something different).
Then off to the summer ad of that year, also an animated one, to the background of Ella Fitzgerald's "Summertime".
And then comes Christmas again (time flies doesn't it?), off we go to - another - Chris De Burgh Christmas hit "When Winter Comes" - by now there were expectations and delights with every ad that comes from the brand, even if, one wonders - how they could extend the concept and the ideas further and further.