Thursday, November 10, 2016

When "Lebanon is calling" - have your secretary answer!

The ad "Lebanon is calling" by Demco Properties is making waves and everyone is oooh-ing and aaah-ing over it. And it ran on CNN. During election time. OK, I am not here to be party spoiler, but erm, have we not heard that before? As in - the 90s? "Ana Loubnan" and all that? When the Feyrouz concert in September 1994 was supposed to be the beacon of hope announcing the rebirth of Lebanon - I guess maybe Lebanon had a lesser depth in voice at the time as the Demco Steel suggests but that's semantics.
Look I am not going to comment on the ad per se, it was smart of them to play it. But seriously people, when you have the corner office in a high rise in downtown Manhattan, I sort of do not entice you to come back to a land where we have an average of six power cuts per day, or the million other logistic issues we face from the speed of the internet to the way business is conducted or whatever.
One of the people who left their golden life  because "Lebanon called him" can now be visited in a cemetery - his name was Dr. Bassel Fuleihan. I shall not debate his economic policies, but well, at least he did leave his life outside of Lebanon to come because "Lebanon was calling". On the plus side, if you think calling a financial institute after your name is a good enough consolation prize, then good for you.
You know, next time Lebanon calls, have your secretary tell them you are not available. I am assuming a corner office exec has a secretary to take calls on their behalf. Just let her give the customary answer "he will call back when available, may I have your number please?" - which is polite for "buzz off".