Monday, November 21, 2016

Anomaly Amsterdam - method through folly!

You know how all agencies want to be "agents of change" and want to "disrupt the normal" when in reality they are old dinosaurs trying to do ballet?
Well, let me tell you about an agency that said "no" to a client who wanted to do an ad and instead proposed to redesign his product from scratch and market it accordingly.
Let me tell you about an agency which has uber cool graffiti on their wall and have a bar for end-of-day gatherings.
Let me tell you of one which gave us "Be Stupid" for Diesel and the Hans Brinker Hotel ads in Amsterdam, which turned self-derision into an advertising form.
How about if I tell you of one where stepping at an 11 A.M. appointment feels like walking into someone's cozy living room? (and they're housed in an old Amsterdam house by the canals to boot!)
What if there was an agency that was not after a quick buck and was trying to strategically link brands in an unprecedented way?
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Anomaly - or at least Anomaly Amsterdam which I got to meet. CEO Engin Celikbas and Adam Clarkson who consults on a freelance basis with them, went out of their way to transform a regular meet and greet meeting into a truly bonding experience.
Trust me, when these guys will hit town, many agencies will feel the rug pulled under their feet and would not know what hit them!
I am not one to be easily impressed, but these guys rock - and even have the guitar to show for it!