Monday, October 10, 2016

Of privacy and Kim Kardashian West

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly
I will start this post by a quote from Daniel Craig (better known as the hunk who does James Bond) "You can't buy it back - you can't buy your privacy back." He was speaking of - who else? - The Kardashian (specifically Kim),..
And so Kim Kardashian West discovered a new word in English: Privacy.
Sure, when your career catapults to the limelight via a sex tape, very little is left to hide. But naturally, I am not denying the family's business sense and acumen nor am I jealous of it. But after the now dramatic jewel heist in Paris, Kim Kardashian West is all of a sudden amiss from social media prioritizing here security and that of her family over all else.
With two very young children in the equation, it is indeed a wise move.
Karl Lagerfeld, who frequently employs Kendall Jenner who is the Kardashians' half-sister, and who happens to be head designer for Chanel, Fendi, and his own eponymous label, did not mince his words saying: "You cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you".
Naturally, I sympathize with the ordeal of Kardashian West, many traumatic experiences in Lebanon were the results of such acts undertaken on average citizens in Lebanon during the war, it is not something you easily forget and do not know how to deal with.
But if I am writing all of this, it is perhaps because I am mostly a relatively private person to begin with - sure I am quite public between the blog, the lecturing, the art exhibitions and what not. But then I only reveal what I wish to be revealed on these pages. 
Sure, I am not pointing fingers here, I - like a lot of other people - follow Kardashian news, Haifa Wehbe happenings and what not. I consider this essential when one is working in the advertising and communication fields, the more you follow entertainment news the easier it is to connect to the pulse of the market.
I have no clue how long Kim Kardashian West will remain mum on her social media channels with reports estimating there's a million Dollar loss monthly for her in terms of endorsements. She effectively built her career on "see now buy now" (to appropriate the new fashion term en vogue) - or as is the case case of the stolen ring worth 4,5 Million Dollars from the Paris room - "see now drool now". 
But it seems she has now discovered "privacy". That thing where you actually do not reveal everything to people, brag about your material possessions, rub it in their noses, and unfortunately get gagged and handcuffed for it.
The definition of what matters differs from one person to another, the definition of luxury even changes from culture to culture, background to background and context to context. I do have close friends from aristocratic families, and you'd be surprised about their lifestyle, or dress sense - demure, very practical and laid back, emphasizing materials rather than materialism, nothing flashy and in your face. 
To go back to Daniel Craig, it seems Kardashian West is trying to buy her privacy back. So all of you posting - or rather prostituting - pictures of your kids online claiming they were "dressed exclusively by" (insert store name here with directions to where to find it), and making your addresses known to people with less than ideal intentions for "endorsements" or "goodie bag" deliveries which you casually instagram (without ethically mentioning their provenance!).
One day, you will come to want your privacy back.
Kardashian West can afford bodyguards, and living in secured enclaves, can you?