Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lebanon '51 - questioning history (1)

Perhaps now it is old news that I question narrative related to the past, what we believe and what we were told to believe and what sort of (his)story we were taught or whatever dogmas we got inherited from one generation to the next, But here we are, generation after generation, we parrot stories of lost Dolce Vitas which cumulatively, were nothing but a bubble where the upper echelons of society resided, and the rest simply navigated in the fog of the myth. The images above from archive films (curiously titled Eclipsed Nation - no idea as to the provenance of the title) are a throwback to that era - I love how misty and unclear they are (due to technical material of the era but it also conceptually serves the purpose of the memory blur), but do enjoy them, but please - try to wonder why people show attachment to them in the nostalgic way - with nostalgia meaning its original Greek root: Nostos (home) and Algos (pain). So this is being "homesick" - but to what home?