Friday, October 28, 2016

Le Journaliste errant - my own artwork in "bi tasarrof".

Le Journaliste Errant by Tarek Chemaly (parts 1 and 2 - unique digital print)
The whole at project was based on the book "One Century of Lebanese Journalism" and was commissioned for a fundraising show of the new bibiotheque nationale entitled "bi tasarrof", my own contribution is based on 2 composite images of the 35 men who influenced journalism in Lebanon as per the book (their faces were cropped and 1:35 of that image was pasted gradually in two ways – horizontally and longitudinally). On top of the final image the logo of the newspaper printed in Zahle in 1922, “Le Journaliste Errant” (the wandering journalist) was pasted.
Basically this is a questioning of journalism in the digital age, when most newspapers have serious issues remaining afloat, while blogs such as mine enjoy frighteningly high readership!