Monday, October 3, 2016

Kenzo x H&M - Jean Paul Goude photo masterpieces

Strange I've seen these poses before.... OK, that was a nasty pun only insiders would understand. But, Jean Paul Goude the man for whom "iconic" was invented - from the bicentential show of the French revolution passing through Egoiste by Chanel advertising and that anatomically impossible image of Grace Jones on the Island Life record (truly anatomically impossible by the way!) or the "break the internet" images of Kim Kardashian for Paper Magazine (a certain image of which was a recreation of one of his classic photos) - and who compiled his work in a book he called "Tout Goude", do note that "tout "in French means "everything" and "Goude" is his family name, but read it in English and it becomes.... Oh my, this is indeed too good!
I am too thrilled to see him work his magic on the Kenzo x H&M campaign in a way which is quirky, fun, smart, but also accessible.  I am actually more interested about the campaign more than I am interested about the collection per se!