Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dewar's goes back to living true

I am not a fan of hashtags and this campaign keeps inserting then everywhere. The first installment of the campaign included people such as Ziyad Hermes (who bakes Manoushe in New York) or Lucien Bourjeily (theatre director), the follow up centers on Adonis (the band) and Tara Khattar (a chef). I think the idea is to present people who did gutsy choices in their lives, but for some reason I fail to engage with the supposed passion that is to come from the ads. Mind you I took some very very risky choices in my life (and no alcohol was involved), so I guess I am either not the concerned target audience or that there is something missing in the role models presented to begin with.
Heck, why don't they come back to the classic "when it's love it never varies"!