Monday, September 19, 2016

Puck tries to woo mothers

One cannot accuse Puck of not trying. I have no exact figures as to who owns the bigger or biggest market share in the spread cheese category in Lebanon, but something tells me Picon and La Vache Qui Rit have the market split between them - a further hunch tells me Picon might be doing better than its competitor (I have no figures, just assessments).
The ad above refers to "a touch of love on your sandwich" - a hint of motherly love with a back to school discrete feel (do note there is a different visual with a very close line on it).
So Puck is admirable trying to always be there and present in the market. Kraft seems to be the spread cheese of choice in the UAE, and Puck in KSA, so I suppose it is something one grows up with and gets the taste buds trained about it. So maybe the next generation of Lebanese kids will stop calling the whole sector "Picon" and accept that there are alternatives to it.