Friday, September 9, 2016

Lipton, feels better than James Brown.

After the phase one which already came and went, Lipton comes with the second phase of "sensing the mood of a nation" in a TV commercial which is supposed to be an ode to people who see the glass half full and still fill the second half. The spot is what you expect it to be - full of positive things going on, people spending time with elderly, stopping traffic to let an old woman cross the street with her groceries, doing DIY projects on stairways and yes - it assembles all the usual suspects of the feel-good movement from Adonis band, to Live Love Lebanon, all the way to graffiti crew Ashekman.
The production value of the film is very high - and whereas it is a Lebanese staple to have youth standing up from convertible 4x4s while the vehicles are in motion the scene spooked me out. The person in charge of styling raided H&M to make the talents look everyday-Lebanese but with a bit of stylish mood. The forte of the film is the copy which is very strong. As every sentence tried to convey conceptually what was going on and link it to a positive action in extrapolation.
I said before I was on the cynics' side due to my age and experience, but I do hope that I too, even if not seeing the cup half full, am still trying to make positive daily acts to keep things going and making an impact on people's lives. Other bloggers such as Joe might be right the audience for this commercial which is still high on entertainment value and good quality work.
"I feel good" belted out James Brown. Comparatively to Lipton, he was a downer!