Thursday, August 25, 2016

Zaher Hallab launches his tech channel

In a world where bloggers seem to be nothing but megaphones for brands, it is a refreshing change to see someone like Zaher Hallab launch his own tech channel. Zaher is a personal acquaintance for full disclosure. Sure, he was smart enough to launch a channel with a limited audience, and I say that because I grew tired of all those trying to be everything to everyone - testing cars and then doing movie "reviews" and then meddling into socio-political issues. At least Zaher knows whom he is talking to and talks to them well.
Yes, I did note the Android toys in the back fanboys, so back off - to each his preference (I say so knowing I have meddled in both worlds). But the video is indeed nice, fresh and Zaher is his usual bubbly self.
Even if I am not a techie, I do love the video and hopefully, more will show up.
Enjoy the first outing!