Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lebanon Catholic Media Center goes after Grace Jones (because everything else is swell)

Whereas I love Grace Jones I did not go and watch her show at the Byblos International Festival. I have loved Jones since her role as a villain in the James Bond movie "A view to a kill", and her songs such as "Strange I've seen this face before" have personal significance to me.
Lebanon has a very powerful Maronite president, its Christian population has never known as much safety, its economy is booming, and Christians at large in the Middle East have never been as safe, respected and have never cohabitated as pacifically with their Muslim brothers. With all these positive things happening (really?), the Lebanon Catholic Media Center has taken some time off to tackle the major problem of what it dubs as "crosses on sensitive places" of Jones' body (actually a Jamaican tattoo which has nothing to do with crosses), and click bait media relaying the news as if was the most important thing since the resurrection of Christ.
Honestly people, with the Christians being at such a dire need to help and guidance in these troubled times, succumbing to a silly hysteria about a supposed cross which is actually a tattoo of something else should be the least of your worries. It is the least of mine!