Friday, August 12, 2016

Blink my car - car washing app with one cup of water!

Finally someone is doing something practical about the water shortage which does not include whining. Blink My Car is an app which you can download from Android and IOS, pity I do not own a car myself as I would have used it chronically. Listen, the regular cleaning systems take up 250 liters of water for a wash, Blink My Car uses new waterless methods which only take one cup of water! Yes - and of course - all you have to do is request their presence via the app, and they will do it for you as you munch on your gluten free cupcake and organic juice from your favorite eatery! In other words, the car will be washed right where you are and - you did not hear that from me (cough, ahem) - the first wash is for free for all new users!
The best part, technology is finally having practical impact, and smart people are using it to save water all while giving comfort levels and premium service. What's not to like?