Thursday, August 18, 2016

Apparently Roadster is a blogger's favorite diner.

That is interesting, ever since the rebranding of Roadster, which had a very mixed reception (OK mixed tending towards awful), there has been so many mentions of it from bloggers - periodically via instagram, facebook or the blogs as such there is a chorus of users who say almost identically:
It takes time for people to adjust to change
The change was overdue
The change is audience-compatible
The change is part of a multi-sensorial experience
The smaller portions are an optic illusion
The smaller portions are related to dish size
There was no increase in prices on certain items
There has been an increase in prices but it is worth it
The place still provides family memories
I have seen variations of these points over and over. I am not saying Roadster is planting them in social media feeds or blog posts, but the similarity of the content which I have seen is a little alarming. Interestingly, here is a link I wrote that might be of interest to Roadster and other brands alike (you can thank me later!).