Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spinney's - great ads come in fours!

Let me explain the ads for you to enjoy them:
First there is the Armenian products which used the Armenian language and added the pomegranate which is some sort of a national culinary symbol for Armenia.
On with the DSC blood donation NGO with the line "be strong" which also means "tighten yourself" (with the use of the ribbon to make the blood donation vein pop!).
Then there is the ad for the municipal and mayoral elections with a super cute word play - the word "baladiye" means at the same time "local" but also "municipality" and the word "ekhtiyarie" means "elective" but also "mayoral", so the line means "our offers are local and elective" but also "our offers are municipal and mayoral"!
And last but not least, their cleaning fair ad - "your house sparkles".... While resting on a sponge with the lawn made up of the utility pad top part...