Saturday, June 4, 2016

Why is Roadster upset about the reaction to its rebranding?

Roadster Diner old logo
Roadster is upset about the reaction to its rebranding, I heard that through the grapevine. Two lawsuits slapped on me is enough so I personaly deleted the piece I wrote even if it brought large readership (rather than take a risk of having a third lawsuit on my back). Anthony from No Garlic No Onion still has his own posted. What annoyed me is that, once your work is out there, people are allowed to judge it as they see fit.
And if it turns out close to another work, it is only fair to point it out.
Anthony pointed out that the two companies are owned by the two brothers (actually two brothers in law if I may correct). That could be a cross-over indicator.
Besides, what is wrong admitting a mistake? Gap rebranded and swiftly withdrew its risible new logo. With all due respect to Roadster, you are not bigger than Gap whose owners have reshaped SFMOMA through their art collection!
I think Roadster, as shown ion the logo above had a very distinctive, immediately identifiable visual imagery, "if it ain't broke don't fix it" says the American quote, and Roadster did exactly that - it tried to fix something that was working well (except for them taking off the All Day Long Breakfast from the menu, which is why I went to Roadster anyway, and fun fact - I was one of their first ever customers in their first Sagesse Achrafieh branch!).
Countrary to Zaatar W Zeit which started off childish and then realized its target audience grew older and therefore they had to rebrand, Roadster was always geared towards adults, and then the teens and young adults followed up, which means their target audience never wavered.
I am going to be rude saying this - Roadster, grow a pair!
And if you are to be irritated from people's opinions, don't claim to care about them when you give those rating ipads at the end of the meal!